Electrical -In today’s world of electronics and audio systems, there are special requirements that has to be met, sometimes the existing placement of electrical components and circuits are not always enough to meet those needs. We offer electrical services for installations that require additional circuits or receptacles in existing commercial and residential structures, as well as general replacement of electrical components.

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Current Integration is a St. Louis based company specializing in the custom  installation of audio/video equipment, programmable remotes and automation control for lighting, electronics and more. We also offer quality audio and video products from top manufacturers. Because this company, and it’s interactions, are strictly based on one-on-one consultation and detailed information on your needs, combined with CEDIA training, you can be confident that you and your home or business will receive quality service and respect.

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Energy saving lighting control - Control all of your lighting from one, or from multiple locations in any way, shape or form with lighting automation. You can have complete freedom over when you want all, or some of the lights to dim, turn on, or turn off with a touch of a button, or without touching anything at all. Dimming switches and sensors work together to provide the perfect lighting conditions or create ambience and add depth to a room.

Besides the visual effects and convenience of lighting controls, the most important benefit is the energy savings. On average, dimming lights by 25% would save you 20% on your energy cost, turning lights off when a room is not occupied would save you more. This can also be accomplished by the system automatically turning on lights when you enter a room, then turning them off or dimming them when you leave. The system can also interact with the amount of sunlight coming through a window, then adjusts the lighting automatically and raising or lowering the automatic shades. Overall, you can save up to 60% on your energy bill.  Apply this to offices,  classrooms, presentation room, boardroom, and residential dwellings for economical energy-saving solutions. For more information on lighting and shades, go to lutron.com

Outdoor television - Add another element of entertainment  for those outdoor gatherings, with all weather, all year-round, outdoor televisions, you never have to worry about rain, snow, or the suns rays affecting it . Due to their weather proof design, moisture or cold temperatures has no effect, so you would never have to bring it inside. Turn your back yard into a living area, watch the game, or a movie. If you have outdoor speakers, it’s even better.

Automation -Take total control of your home or business and add a level of convenience and performance that surpasses any other type of control solution. Operate your heating and cooling system, garage door, lights, stereo, television and security system with one device, from any location with handheld, or in-wall controllers.

Forget about multiple remotes to operate your audio and video equipment, and you won’t have to turn on each device individually. For example, if you wanted to watch a movie, one button press will turn on the TV, DVD player, and receiver, and put them on the proper settings, if you want to turn the lights off, that can happen also. These remotes don’t always need to be pointed directly at your equipment to work, they are capable of putting out radio and IR frequencies.

With the use of the IR signal, it’s the standard way any remote operates, it has to be pointed at the device to work. But what if you wanted to put your equipment on a rack in the closet or cabinet to hide them, you could then use the radio frequency for control, but it goes beyond that. A particular function can even be performed based on the day of the week or time of day, control can be had off site over IP from your computer at work, or smart phone or tablet. This control can be applied in any commercial area as well, boardrooms, presentation rooms, offices, bars, and restaurants can benefit. For more information, visit rticorp.com

Multi-zone audio systems will enable you to listen to music or your favorite talk show in every room of your house. You can even have different sources playing in different rooms, and have total individual control over each zone. These systems can be controlled by in-wall keypads or touch screens, or your remote.

Television Mounting

The base pricing (for TVs and equipment located on the same wall, in the same area) includes the mounting hardware, HDMI cable, electrical circuit, connection of components,(excluding home theater system set-up) and concealed cables. There will be an additional charge if cable/satellite TV entry cable is to be relocated within the room or an electrical outlet needs to be installed or behind panel in-wall boxes, cables, wire-run molding or if any additional equipment is needed.

Full Flat mount

$215.00 - up to 50”

$262.00 - TVs over 50”

Full Tilt mount

$243.00 - up to 50”

$284.00 - TVs over 50”

If purchasing a mount from us, but you do not desire concealed cables. Does not include HDMI cable

Flat mount

$127.00 - up to 50”

$179.00 - TVs over 50”

Tilt mount

$160.00 - up to 50”

$200.00 - TVs over 50”

$65 - any size, if supplying your own mount and cables, does not include concealed cables



 Ceiling, articulating and specialty mount pricing will vary depending on your needs and building structure.

Outdoor TV installation requires an assessment.

Multi-zone audio system pricing depends on the number of zones, speakers, and individual control of each zone.



Product orders are placed at the time of payment, some products will be available immediately, others may take up to two weeks to arrive. There will be a 15% equipment return fee, which will be subtracted from the refund if the order/service is canceled after payment has been made. The equipment must be paid for before the installation, the remainder for install/materials will be due at completion of services. For RTI devices, there will be an additional charge for programming. All electrical work will be performed according to NEC (National Electrical Code) standards.

All installations are guaranteed, if any malfunction or damages occur due to installation workmanship, all structural repairs will be done, and any effected equipment will be replaced at no cost to you. The warranties of products are provided by the manufacturer.


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Installed Products

Current Audio • Martin Logan • Artison • Denon • Boston Acoustics • Samsung • Lutron • JBL

 Marantz • Sharp • QSC • RTI • Sunfire • Sonance

Automatic shades provides a convenient way of controlling how much light comes through your window. They can automatically adjust to a particular height according to your settings, or automatically adjust to lighting conditions outside throughout the day. You can also control them manually from keypads or remote.  These are also battery powered, or they can be hard wired. The battery life is 3 to 5 years. They come in a variety of colors, styles and transparency levels, also they can contribute to your energy savings by increasing the R-value with your windows see some examples in the gallery.

Television mounting, all wires are concealed inside the wall, providing a clean look to work flawlessly with in-wall speakers and the over all décor of the room.

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